PDF You Are G8, We Are 6 Billion: The Truth Behind the Genoa Protests

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  3. International Socialist resistance
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Down with the G8 - Fight for a socialist future

In: Connerton, P. Keck, M. Klein, N. No Logo , Flamingo, London. Kriesi, H. The organizational structure of new social movements in a political context. In: McAdam, D. Lichbach, M. Global order and local resistance: The neoliberal institutional trilemma and the battle of Seattle. Lindenberg, M. McAdam, D. Mekata, M. Building partnerships toward a common goal: Experiences of the international campaign to ban landmines.

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34th G8 summit - Wikipedia

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Leaders at G8 summit in Genoa and protesters on streets.

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International Socialist resistance

We will hold a briefing meeting each morning where we can discuss the plans for the day and assess the activities of the previous day. Please note the change of time - the London coach will now depart at For those from the north and west of the country please ring us for details ofp local transport on Other areas should look at getting student unions to organise transport but also where possible cars and minibuses driven by members will be very useful for the duration of the camp.

There will be transport back to London on 7 July for those who stay for the camp and on 2 July for those who can't. The attacks of globalisation on young people and how we can organise to fight back and build an alternative.

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Adam House G. Mass action at Dungavel to demand equal rights and an end to detention and deportation of asylum seekers. Make cheques payable to ISR. The turn-out is growing! We now have gone over our initial target for getting people to the protests and the camp. Three people phoned us about the camp just on Saturday morning, having seen the leaflet and many more are contacting us over the web. We have the potential to get even more young people to the G8 protests and we are having enormous impact on our street activities with many people giving donations to help others to go.

Young people are going to Scotland to protest against what the G8 leaders stand for and some will be looking for answers to this rotten system - they are against capitalism and many want to know about socialist ideas. Every member should do their best to encourage young people we come across to join our socialist and sociable! Tel , www. ISR: www.

Group of Eight

International Socialists : www. G8 justice ministers' meeting: Stop taking liberties! G8: Brown spins but won't end debt. Fight for the right to organise. More than 10, square miles, an area the size of Belgium, of the Brazilian rainforest was cut down last year to feed the demands for soya bean from Europe and China. The Brazilian president, Luis Inacio "Lula" da Silva, was elected in as a champion of the environment but now he is in power he has failed to challenge big business, the multi-nationals and the neo-liberal policies of the imperialist institutions, the IMF and the World Bank.

THE NEW Labour government is responsible for the deaths of over 4, Indian farmers according to a shocking study by an international charity. Between and farmers there were persuaded to abandon subsistence farming, eg rice production, and switch to cash crops such as cotton and sugar cane. Subsidies for fertilisers and tools and cheap government loans were slashed, forcing the farmers to obtain high-interest loans.

The value of these cash crops then became virtually worthless, leaving the farmers with unpayable debts. The result has been a wave of suicides by ruined poor farmers. Tanzania was forced to privatise its water industry to qualify for international debt relief. For all their talk of being friendly to Africa, Blair and Brown's governments have spent millions of pounds paying advisers such as the Adam Smith Institute to produce videos to "persuade" governments that they should follow crippling privatisation schemes.

The Gleneagles demonstration this July needs to make it crystal clear. We support the people of the 'third world' against the Biwaters, the Cargills, the millionaires and the Gordon Browns and Tony Blairs of the world. We have no trust in capitalist politicians or their policies of privatisation and deregulation.

We call on you to join the counter-demonstrations in Edinburgh and Gleneagles. The leaders of the G8 nations support the occupation of Iraq.

See a Problem?

Millions have demonstrated against the war and occupation but the leaders of the richest nations on the planet are only interested in backing big business and its hunger for oil. The African continent has been devastated over decades by the capitalists. Their imperialist policies have robbed Africa of its resources and impoverished the majority of the population. We believe only a struggle by the African working class and poor for democratic control of their resources offers a way out.

Millions of young people in Britain and Europe want to do something about the plight of the workers and poor in Africa and throughout the world. The response to the tsunami appeal put the G8 leaders to shame. The spontaneous outpouring of solidarity by people in Western Europe and the USA surpassed their miserly offerings.

Events organised against the G8, like in Genoa or in Evian, have seen mass demonstrations against the capitalist system and its hypocritical leaders. Gleneagles won't be an exception. Join us to demonstrate, to show that another world is needed. Immediate write-off of the debt burden without conditions.

For an immediate increase in aid. For democratic control of aid and its distribution by elected committees representing the working class, trade unions and the poor. Bring into public ownership the major multinationals that dominate the world economy, under democratic working-class control and management. Support for the working class and poor in their struggle to overthrow the corrupt pro-capitalist governments of the neo-colonial world.

Make capitalism history. For the building of a socialist planned economy internationally to abolish poverty, hunger and disease. Join the protests International Socialist Resistance, an international organisation of socialists, will take part in the G8 summit demonstrations, putting forward socialist ideas. The CWI is an international socialist organisation with members in nearly 40 countries around the world, including the International Socialists in Scotland and the Socialist Party in England and Wales.

We will organise a coach going from the camp each day to take people to the protests and meetings which are planned for the counter-summit. There will be an opportunity to participate in political discussions with socialists from all over Europe. About us. Workplace campaigns.

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Anti-war campaign. Election campaigns.