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Both had attended Princeton. Anyway, for those reasons and others, I decided to leave architecture and found myself in the subculture of art, which seemed to be an amenable place to work. I have little formal art education, an informal but intense autodidactic understanding of both disciplines. He and I have a compassionate relationship in that way. It was one of the times he was hospitalized, so I thought about what I might be able to do—how I could engage with his situation, make a saner, more organized environment for him.

So I did an interior remodel that included a proper bathroom, et cetera. What Dan responded to most was the discovery of two windows that had been buried behind the plastered wall of the side elevation in the middle of the apartment, something almost unheard of with railroad flats. The building next door was lower so you could see straight up to the Empire State Building. But we have a forty-five-year dialogue.

HUO: That one I know very well. I love the bookshelves separating the rooms. On the contrary, it has kept its strange energy, and people who would teach in no other architecture school teach there. A poet friend of mine is teaching a weird class there on poetry. It could easily have been destroyed if an idiot had arrived. The idea is to give such people space. Many students of that school are now artists of my generation, like Philippe Parreno and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.

Aside from my engagement with a few schools in the States, I have done a great deal of visiting lectures and seminars during my working travels.


In fact, pedagogy has played a central role in the manner of my socialization within the art world, no doubt fostered by an urgency to invest the time and energy I felt was sorely missing in my educational experience. In response, I would offer extensive critiques often lasting eight to ten hours as a counter to the flimsy, superficial pedagogy too often found. However, I never considered myself a teacher, but a visiting artist. With architects, a high proportion of projects are usually unrealized. Even very well known architects usually have ninety percent unrealized.

How is it in your case? The labor and expense to crate, insure, and ship an artwork for a short period of time, and at the same time the unwillingness, or inability, to consider paying a modest artist fee for a work specifically produced for the occasion, speaks volumes about the place of value. But what about the previous ones? They were not built. The first was a bicycle project. The project and my fee would have been paid for by an advertising campaign attached to the bicycles made available for viewing the exhibition scattered about the city.

Welcome to John Knight Glazing

Ironically, my project would have only been visible when the exhibition was closed. Now, obviously, we have hashtags, and I actually think that you early on invented this tagging thing with your documenta 7 piece about tagging a site, the JK. I can tell you that projects along this line of approach would never have made the cut had it not been for the tenacious efforts of Coosje van Bruggen, the curator in charge of North America and Canada. My impulse was to materially refer to the language of consumption: about the utilization of a site with zero inherent spectacle value, a backdoor approach, by using the secondary utility staircases as an aesthetic moment.

Presenting repeated oblique views of a series of unique international tourist posters installed in the stairwell landings, greeting viewers as they made their way from one heroic space to another.

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How would you define a residual object? Would you relate it to the Michel Serres idea of the quasi-object?

He does have a production machine going, which is very differently defined. But, to use the language, to think of it in those terms, I find it most interesting when these residual objects are put elsewhere or find a home elsewhere, and remind us that something was done somewhere else. The child has grown up.

What remains is this kind of wishful desire that it might still maintain a relationship to its origins. But the resulting complexity or contradictions are interesting and welcomed. At least, interesting to think about, but not necessarily something to obsess over. Are the mirrors residual objects? Work in situ is work at a certain time and place, which takes us back around to the architecture. This approach is of course against the historical model of the autonomy of the place of production:the studio.

Professor John Knight

From my vantage point, autonomy is a delusional notion. Which was also the time when I became aware of, had direct contact with, many of the artists who had had a big influence on my thinking in terms of how one might approach producing in alternative ways to the historical problem of production. Rather suddenly I found myself in the midst of enormously interesting artists who were thinking in ways that I had been considering, but without a direct support structure to bounce off of, with the exception of Michael Asher, which marked the beginning of a lifelong and deep friendship.

It has been my fortune to have had certain support figures over the years that become representative models of possibility; had I had to practice without these kinds of outside contacts, I would have either slit my throat or quit many decades ago, because the support system for such practices as mine and a few others was nil in Los Angeles.

John Knight | The George Institute for Global Health

It was very important to encounter someone like Daniel, who exercised certain ways of working not altogether tethered to history. His writing is so rich. You Have to Pay for the Public Life is a great book. For example, as soon as he arrived at Yale, he invited Denise, who in turn brought Venturi on board.

Jonathan and Harley Knight-Rodriguez-We Own Tonight :)

At their subsequent trial all thirty-eight were acquitted. Later that year Knight had to accept defeat and ceased work as a handloom weaver. Knight now became a schoolmaster in Oldham. He also became involved in journalism and in began editing the Manchester Political Register and secretary of the Manchester Constitutional Society. Peter's Field meeting on 16th August, Cartwright, who was seventy-nine at the time, was unable to attend, and Henry Orator Hunt , became the main speaker instead.

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At the meeting at St. It included two hundred women dressed in white and according to John Tyas , the Oldham banner's were "by far the most elegant displayed during the day. Knight was on the platform during the meeting and was named by William Hulton as one of the four men to be arrested.

Knight and the other men were charged with "assembling with unlawful banners at an unlawful meeting for the purpose of inciting discontent". John Knight was acquitted of the Peterloo charge but found guilty and received two years imprisonment for his attendance at a meeting in Burnley on November 15th After his release from prison John Knight concentrated on trade union activities.

Just before his death in , John Knight was appointed to the salaried position as treasurer of the Oldham Poor Relief Fund. The people in the crowd were so compact and stood to firm that they could not reach the hustings without halting. Few, if any of the meeting, even yet, supposed that this martial display was intended for anything more than securing Hunt, Johnson, Knight and Moorhouse, for whom they had warrants.

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Hunt was called upon to deliver himself up, which he offered to do to a Magistrate, but not to the Manchester Yeomanry Cavalry. A gentleman in the commission presented himself, and Mr. Hunt acknowledge his authority, and departed for the rendezvous of the Magistrates; where Mr.

Johnson and Mr. Saxton were taken, and from thence conducted, along with Mr. Hunt to the New Bayley prison; Mr. Knight escaped, but was afterwards arrested at his own house and Mr. Moorhouse was soon after taken into custody at the Flying Horse Inn. The radical movement had its origin in , but had for a time been repressed, by the same unjust means which had been employed to put down the movement for reform and peace. Some working men, probably on the suggestion of the shrewd old John Knight, a manufacturer in a small way, thought it advisable that an opportunity should be afforded to the friends of peace and parliamentary reform to express their sentiments on those subjects, which they conceived to be the two measures most calculated to relieve their present sufferings.

On 11th June, , the men met at the Prince Regent's Arms.

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