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Geographical Numbers on Israel’s Dead Sea
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Philadelphia: Temple University Press, SS: It is a basic discourse analysis of some of the basic philosophical and moral tenets of Zionism. I also try to identify some of the assumptions underlying certain liberal positions within Zionism that its advocates usually disclaim or whitewash. I look at movies, gay rights discourses, campus activism, and civic organizations to illustrate some of the ways that Zionists attempt to humanize colonization by conflating it with Jewish culture.

SS: It is more or less consistent with much of my work in the past. I have always been interested in exploring the performances of Zionism as an innocent articulation of Jewish peoplehood rather than as a political movement supportive of juridical iniquity. J: Who do you hope will read this book, and what sort of impact would you like it to have?

SS: I would be honored for anybody to read it. As to impact, I hope it enters into an ongoing conversation about what it means to pursue justice through the demands of decolonization. J: What led you to focus specifically on the failures of Zionism as a political and ethical discourse in this book?

The 12222 TB Davie Memorial Lecture

SS: I am always shocked at how effectively Zionism is made to stand in as a symbol or synecdoche of Jewish culture, a conflation that strikes me as sinister, not to mention false on an elementary level of historical reality. Zionism is an anachronism, a holdover from an old era of European colonization. It does not come anywhere close to fulfilling its own promises of democracy and progressiveness. The entire movement and its various ideologies are built on lies and mythologies—and not very convincing or compelling lies and mythologies, at that.

After emerging from the energetic and impatient crowd, I saw that I had a bit of time before my next class and decided to drop by the multicultural student office down the hall so I could chat with its director, a friendly and intelligent man. It turned out it was Jewish Awareness Month at Virginia Tech, but I had difficulty understanding what awareness of Jewish culture has to do with puffery of a nation-state and recapitulation of its propaganda.

I had even more difficulty understanding why the promotion of Israel would be housed in an office devoted at least nominally to intercultural understanding and the elimination of racism. My goal in this chapter is to use systematic cultural and political analysis to make some sense of these phenomena, particularly the ways that Israel and Jewish culture are conflated to varying ends and with varying levels of sincerity. There are many reasons for this skepticism.

But like all oppressive discourses, it must be contested in conjunction with an integrated focus on all social and institutional phenomena that preclude comprehensive human wellness. It is from the same set of power dynamics that racism, sexism, homophobia, and their cognates emerge.

To challenge homophobia by promoting war and colonization is immoral as well as strategically ineffectual, a reliable way to ensure that homophobia continuously reproduces itself. Zionist art has repeatedly used this sort of trope. Much of the nonfiction of well-heeled novelists like Amos Oz and David Grossman conceptualizes the Jewish encounter with Palestinians as morally stupefying or emotionally debilitating.

Much of the liberal commentary in Israel recycles the same motif. The heart of darkness is prominent in Zionist cinema, by which I mean filmmaking consciously trained on the historical or ideological dimensions of Zionism or Israel. All three rely on anonymous Palestinians to frame their central moral questions.

All three are didactic, in that they desire a type of soulful restoration that they conceptualize as an ethnic birthright. This book helps explain the threat he poses to the academy, and the nature of the overtly coercive influence that Zionist institutions have had on the academy—obviously including the University of Illinois—long before he was scheduled to arrive here.

Netanyahu faces fight for survival as Likud party fails to secure Knesset majority

They did not kill it through violence, however. They killed it by inventing it. It is to be celebrated. By insisting that nation-states have souls, we prevent ourselves from tending to the humans who subsist within the institutions. The nation-state does not procure a human soul. The nation-state circumscribes the human soul. Other posts by David Green.

Interesting, but difficult work. Some typos and mistakes as I read them.

Dead Sea Israel

If so, what are those rules, and how do they relate to Zionism-in-practice, pro-Israelism-today? No, zionism did not corrupt multiculturalism, MC is a weapon of Zionism: it breaks up national, religious class identities and replaces those unities with ghettoized skin color and sexual role identities, easily manipulated into ineffective divisive splintered body politics.

Balkanization, supremacism, choseness for all, and none, at the same time. The ideology of transnational corporations — all reduced to Benetton skin color, sexual expression, and consumerism fetishes. The version I know seems to be a politically correct term for encouraging self-imposed apartheid.

All citizens should have full access to all the opportunities available to, at least, members of the majority culture in the country.

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Minority children can end up having the opportunities limited by the cultural limitations imposed on them by the minority culture. Salaita seems to have attended the same School of Complicated Utterance as some other cultural theorists have. It is true that the main motivation for demanding civil rights for Xs could well be not belief in universal rights but hatred and detestation of some non-X group and a desire to do that group down. Complicated Utterance, though regrettable, is necessary these days. Without it, no-one will think he is a serious academic.

I was lucky to have the time to be able to do it. And thank you for the article. And the Salaita case, possibly to the demise of a good man, is bringing it to the fore. After seeing him speak 4 days in a row, and watching him thoughtfully answer a wide array of questions from the audiences, and from speaking to him a few times briefly, my impression is that Mr. Salaita is a very knowledgable, thoughtful and thorough person.

All qualities which would make him an excellent instructor. Hey Gracie.

Texbook Article Spotlight

The entire statement from Bassem Tamimi, who came from the West Bank, was not included. For those who are not familiar with ADL [Anti-Defamation League], it is a group established one hundred years ago to combat bigotry directed against Jews. It is generally considered to be a major component in the Israel Lobby. It has also been criticized because its Director is the highest paid head of any Jewish organization in the country and its finances are alleged to be non-transparent. The issue of online hate is important to all web users as efforts to define and then curb it will affect everyone who works on the internet.

Given the participants and the combatting anti-Semitism theme of the gathering, there should be no doubt that the meeting in California was only concerned with criticism of Jews and Israel and quite likely will have no interest whatsoever in controlling the much more widespread disparagement of Muslims. Do you really believe that? Perhaps in academia such tortured complexity of language is thought to indicate brilliance of insight, but not to me. It has been my experience that when dealing with complicated issues simplicity of language is essential to the understanding of deeper truths.

Those who obfuscate through complexity usually have little to say. Your quotations suggest an academic trying to impress other academics. Perhaps he is capable of writing decent prose if he truly wants to communicate to a more general audience, but such is not the case here. Our society is becoming more authoritarian as we progress towards a neofeudal dystopia.

Those in the academy who buck the system can expect to pay a price, particularly when they visibly rebel. The UIUC administration is sending a message to their academic staff to get in line and stay in line or else. That is why I disagreed with other Mondoweiss commenters that the uproar over his firing would result in his rehiring. Highly unlikely. This is obviously intended to intimidate the faculty into keeping a low profile. It will probably work. For someone who reads a lot about the ME, I find his insights incisive, especially in relation to the exploitation of multiculturalism.

Of course they were exploited. At the root of his exclusion are his serious political views. The fact that his critics ignore them says a lot about the political culture on campus and in this state that persecutes him.

Israel's Dead Soul - | SlugBooks

Oh, David! Surely it would have been easier not to hire him than to fire him. Now it may be true that his Zionist enemies may be as much or more concerned about his serious political views than with his specific tweets, but until the tweets they seemed to lack the power to get to him, otherwise he would not have been hired. When you stand in opposition to concentrated power you have to exercise a modicum of prudence.

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Dershowitz can get away with a lot including alleged plagarism because he is part of the power structure. Salaita is not and needs to exercise discipline, lest he provide his enemies with the means to get him fired. This book was published in ! Surely the Grand Panjandra at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign would have taken it into account when they first offered him the appointment.

Or was it the spur for a cunning plan to offer him a post, get him to give up his tenure, and then then dump him? By Kim McCarthy. Yea its stretch—- but I like it—its like a price tag for a snotty mouth zionist who thinks he can smear anyone and not be smeared back.