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Parental abandonment figures hugely in the back-story of many characters in Hotwire. Why does Kava choose this theme to unite her characters? How does it infuse the story with tension?

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How is this adage applicable to many of the adults in the novel, as they wrangle for professional leverage? Share: Share on Facebook. Add to Cart. What started as a mischievous night of debauchery for a group of bored, local high school students has ended in a bizarre calamity, the teenagers attacked by an unidentified creature with the power to electrocute. As Maggie interviews the survivors for clues as to what really took place that terrifying night, local law-enforcement closes rank, making it clear that the seemingly harmless, rural landscape is home to some deeply buried secrets.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away in Virginia, Army Colonel Benjamin Platt and his colleague, Roger Bix of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are baffled by a virulent strain of bacteria felling whole high schools and elementary schools with a deadly form of food poisoning—and by the anonymous whistleblower leading them on a wild chase that lands them at a shady meat processing plant in Chicago.

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The two investigations collide as a shocking web of government evasion and scientific experimentation worthy of the X-Files rises to the surface of each case. Lightning-paced and eerily prescient, Hotwire hums with intrigue, breathtaking revelations, and the trademark edge-of-your-seat storytelling that has earned Alex Kava both critical acclaim and a growing following. Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. Kava divides her time between Omaha, Nebraska and Pensacola, Florida. Learn More About Hotwire print.

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LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first. Pass it on! Stay in Touch Sign up. When terrorists attack the largest mall in America, FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell, while sifting through the debris for answers, discovers that her brother is involved and that another attack could happen in less than twenty-four hours.

In Black Friday by Alex Kava, which centres on a terrorist attach at a mall on Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving and the busiest shopping day in America , this is not the case. The plot concerns a sinister character called The Project Manager who may have been involved in the Oklahoma City bombing, and a group of teenagers who don t realise they are being used as suicide bombers.

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Kava s action is snappy, and the tale never gets predictable. Alex Kava steals the chills from these erstwhile ladies of crime. Alex Kava is an international bestselling suspense writer. Growing up in the country outside Silver Creek, Nebraska, Alex Kava fantasized about becoming a writer. Her parents, although they understood the value of education, had a tremendous work ethic. Reading was seen as frivolous unless required as schoolwork. As a teenager, Kava wrote short stories on the backs of calendars, sharing them only with her younger brother and hiding them in a shoe box under her bed.

Starting her own graphic design firm, Square One, she designed food packages and logos for national corporations, wrote brochures and newsletters, created a line of greeting cards and directed TV and radio commercials. In she returned to her alma mater as its director of public relations.

To pay the bills, she resurrected Square One, refinanced her home, maxed out her credit cards and even took on a newspaper delivery route. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Her Web site is located at www. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Mira, U. Condition: New.

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Dust Jacket Condition: New. Summary: On the busiest shopping day of the year, some idealistic college students believe they're about to carry out an elaborate media stunt at the largest mall in America. They think the jamming devices in their backpacks will disrupt stores' computer systems, causing delays and chaos. What they don't realize is that instead of jamming devices, their backpacks are stuffed with explosives, ready to be detonated by remote control and turning them into suicide bombers. Caught up in a political nightmare, battling a new interim director and still mourning the death of her boss A.

Cunningham, FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell must put her own troubles aside and fly to Minnesota to help figure out what's behind this terrorist attack-a massacre that is all the more frightening because no group has claimed responsibility.

Black Friday - Alex Kava - Google книги

The search becomes personal when a tip reveals that one of the college students involved is Patrick, Maggie's brother. Afraid and on the run, Patrick must decide if he can finally trust Maggie enough to help her unravel this horrifying nightmare.

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Sifting through the debris for answers, Maggie is joined by Nick Morrelli, who has recently taken a job with a national security company that oversees security for the mall. Although Maggie and Nick have investigated several cases together in the past, they've never investigated a relationship with each other.

Nick would like to change that. When an informant confides in Maggie that there are other attacks on the secret agenda, she knows that she's running out of time. In less than twenty-four hours she'll need to figure out exactly when and where the second attack will take place, who to look for and how to keep her brother from becoming one of the casualties.